6 May 2012

Gujarat Highcourt Clerk exam Answer Key | Solution Key

Answer key of Gujarat high court clerk | Solution Key of High court exam, Junior clerk exam | Gujarat High court clerk completed Now and Here i am representing Answer key of clerk exam Based On My Memory :
Here you can also ask/add Questions which is asked in Junior clerk exam dated 6/5/2012. 

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  • Satymev jayte Vakya kyathi Levama avyu?
    Munduka upnishad
  • JAVA software kai company nu che?
    Sun microsystems
  • Stevw job is related following?
  • Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Winner 2011
    Ans: Gagan Narang
  • Who is Nominated For Rajya sabha Recently  
    Sachin Tendulkar
  • Computer na Bhautik Parts ne shu kehvay?
  • Question khabar nathi pan answer modem che e pakku lol
  • How many fundamental rights(Mulbhut hak) of indian citizen
    6 (six)
        1. Right to Equality
         2. Right to Particular Freedom
         3. Cultural and Educational Rights
         4. Right to Freedom of Religion
         5. Right Against Exploitation and
         6. Right to Constitutional Remedies
  • Name of First computer of india
  • Rashtra dhavj na chakra ma ketla aara hoy che?
  • Right to education me ketlu reservation che?
    25% percent of seats for underprivileged children 
  • Who is governer of uttarakhan?
    Aziz Qureshi 
  • Which ballistic missile India launched recently?
    Agni 5
  • Give solution of (886+886)2 + (886-886)2 / 8862+8862
    Ans : 2   as per = a2+b2+2ab  + a2-2ab+b2 / a2+b2
                                       = 2(a2+b2)/ a2+b2
                                = 2
  • RBI Raporate decrease
    8.0% Rbi Cut the repo rate by 50 basis points from 8.5 per cent to 8.0   
  • Hockey no jadugar Kon ?
    major dhyan chand
  • Computer literacy day (divas)? 
    2 december

  • India no sauthi moto solar plant? 

  • Ek matra kutch ma j jova madta hoy evu Bird or Pakshi?
  • Bharat no mota ma moto rajya marg?
    NH-7 Varanasi – Kanyakumari
  • Ratandhna pana mate ?
    A vitamin
  • Bharat no sauthi moto udhyog? 
    lokhand polad

  • kazirnga national park?
  • Private School ma garib ma te anamat ketla ?
  • South or Daxin gujarat nu dharmik rite sthal kyu?
  • Gujarat ma mahila anamat?
  • World Enviornment day or paryavarn divas ?
    5 june
  • Virdhaval khade su 6e?

  • Titanic ship kaya sagar ma dubelu?
    Atlantic sagar
  • Synonyms of illustrate?
    clarify or explain by use of examples
  • Synonyms of Commence?
    Begin (aarambh hona)
  • Antonyms of ancient?
  • India nu prachin shastra kayu?
    Vedic shastra
  • Asprushyta nivaran Indian constitute na kaya article ma che?
    Article 17
  • Bhakti geet ni sharuaat kone kari?
    Narsinh Mehta


    Nitin said...

    Uttar Gujarat nu sanskrutik sathal kayu?

    bhagirathsinh said...

    (1)hockey no jadugar ? major dhyan chand
    (2)computer divas? 2 december
    (3)india no sauthi moto solar plant? jodhpur
    (4)ek matra kutch ma j jova madta hoy evu ? (5)ghhudkhar
    (6)bharat no mota ma moto rajya marg? 7 no
    (7)ratandhna pana mate ? a vitamin
    (8)bharat no sauthi moto udhyog? lokhand polad
    (9)kazirnga national park? asam
    (10)private ma garib ma te anamat ketla ? 25%
    (11)daxin gujarat nu dharmik rite sthal kyu? saputara
    (12)gujarat ma mahila anamat? 33%
    (13)steave jobs kai company? apple
    (14)bharat nu pahelu computer ? param
    (15)paryavarn divas ? 5 june
    (16)rajyasabha mate hal konu nam chali rahyu 6e? sachin
    (17) virdhaval khade su 6e? swimmer
    (18)kai rakam nuo tafavat 620 ave? 20000

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    give me all answer of gujarat high court clerk exam paper which held 6 may

    Rojgar News said...

    @Mahipatsinh Wait for some time i will upload whole question and answer as soon as possible..

    gopi said...

    plz give all answer

    Rojgar News said...

    ALL POSSIBLE Questions and ANSWERS Are UPDATED....

    Enjoy Friends.

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    @Tejani Please check this website regularly for latest updated information..

    bhagirathsinh said...

    hi friends i have passed the examination of hcg written and now practicle left.

    vala zapda said...

    when you update sachivalay anserkey?

    faizan mirza said...

    post some important que nD ans foR Deputy Section Officer plz before exam

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